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Elke Austenat

Das Insulin Dilemma

bei Typ-2-Diabetes

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Worldwide, the number of diabetics are increasing tremendously. There were still less than 5% of the world's population, in the 80s, there were in 2012 already nearly 9%. This sad fact is dominated by the massive increase of type 2-diabetes. Early detection and prevention of diabetes are called for by the WHO, the national supply programs and the medical experts, to reduce the complications caused by high blood sugar, to reduce the deaths with a shortened life expectancy, to minimize the personal suffering of those affected and thus ultimately make the economic costs for the community further available. Even though these requirements must be answered fully in the affirmative, it is concealed that the manifest type 2 diabetes is treated incorrectly. The current treatment guidelines in the treatment of type 2 diabetes are important causes for complications, the shortening of life, the personal suffering of those affected and ultimately the explosion of costs for the community for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. The current treatment standards of type 2 diabetes for the majority of patients, results in a model of overpriced suffering with a shortened life expectancy. Why this is so, is explained in detail in the book. The increased focus on the Maillard reaction - why do we age? - shows why an insufficient blood glucose treatment leads to a dramatically accelerating aging process in diabetes. Increasingly, global diabetes experts agree and come the conclusion, this process of wrong treatment of the metabolism management in diabetes must be interrupted. The type 2 diabetes treatment needs to be changed. Insulin is the key to a successful, complications minimizing treatment of type 2 diabetes.

The book presents the international scientific knowledge in a more vivid way. The author, a practitioner for 40 years and a scientifically active Diabetologist, showes and proves on the basis of the scientific data and her own experience, that the current knock out therapy system must be replaced by a therapy rotation system. Diabetics, doctors, but also others involved in the care of type 2 diabetes patients, have a right to know what must be changed to allow the affected parties a complication minimized, independent and fulfilling live despite this chronic, lifelong diseases.

It is time to initiate the paradigm shift.


I want to capture the entire image,
to see the whole forest,
recognize the challenges oft he desert
despite my fascination of the beauty
of the individual tree and the single grain of sand.
(Elke Austenat)



To rethink is necessary, for all those involved in the therapy of type 2 diabetes mellitus. This applies to the pharmaceutical industry, insurance companies but mainly for doctors and those affected, the diabetes mellitus type 2-patients. Elliot Proctor Joslin, the first diabetologist in the United States and founder of the Joslin Clinic in Boston, today still world's largest Diabetes Institute, has said: The night nurse is the finishing moment of each therapy. If the night nurse does not enforce the instructions given, then the therapy is doomed to fail.

Understandable during this historical period. Insulin saw its market introduction only in 1922. Until then, diabetes mellitus was a deadly disease. The few patients who had the privilege to be treated with the new drug "Insulin" in the mid-twenties of the last century were treated exclusively in the hospital as internal patients. Even the control of blood glucose had to be carried out until the end of 1970 in laboratories of medical facilities or hospitals.

The overloaded implementation of diagnostic therapeutic measures by medical staff under steady in-hospital conditions is fortunately history...

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Elke Austenat

Eat Well

Enjoy Life also with Diabetes

How important is food in our life?

Clear answer, very important. No, that is not what I mean. I am not talking about mere food intake to stay alive. It is about the joy of eating. The variety to chose from, without having to take any consideration about what is healthy or medically responsible. So called “healthy” people in general eat whatever they want. Health conscious people only sometimes grant themselves fastfood or sweets and primarily eat “healthy” food like vegetables, fruits, whole wheat and low fat food. Still, every healthy person can decide for himself what he eats. He can also take the liberty not to eat or eat more of certain foods if he wants to. Even if a healthy person does not do any exercise, it mostly does not have any direct effect on his health or his survival. Exception could be that his scale explodes after too much for too long! Than the only solution is a drastic food reduction.

Those however who are ill or have some health issues like f.i. Diabetics, need to know how to deal with their illness in order to enjoy the variety of food just like non diabetics. If diabetics do not take care, it can result in discomfort - acute critical blood sugar derailment or after years of a bad metabolism management, physically limiting disabilities. And exactly to avoid this, this book was written! It explains and teaches in a simple and amusing way what needs to be done to eat just as diverse and enjoyable. The only difference is, you need to know HOW! The essence of this book therefore is: Everything is allowed, nothing is forbidden!

On a word

In recent decades a lot has happened in the treatment of diabetes. New improved tablets are available, that show fewer side effects than the conventional. The insulin therapy has been revolutionized. Not only in the choice of pharmaceutical forms of insulin but also in the way how the insulin can be absorbed by the body. Tags are the insulin analogues and the insulin pump therapy. The self-monitoring of the blood glucose is thanks to the technical possibilities anywhere and at any time available. Today, there are already continuous blood glucose measurement options. A small sensor, under the skin, shows every few minutes the actual hight of the blood sugar. As a matter of fact all diabetes patients and professionals could shout Hosanna, if there were not two downers.…

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"As a longtime diabetic I have been searching for a book like this for a long time. It makes it so much easier to calculate the carbs to keep my blood sugar under control. The clear and attractive configuration is also enjoyable to read. I therefore gladly highly recommend this book."